Slope Racing Scotland


West Lomond (nearly) Sunday 30 May 2010

The wind forecast was a bit ambiguos today with one showing north westerly and another showing north swinging north east but the decision was made to make the trek to a slope just short of West Lomond so off we set. After we had been walking for about 15 mins Ron realised we didn't have the rucksack with the cables for the buzzers etc and he had to go back for them! We got to the slope about 10:30 just as the rain started. 

We hung around for 2 hours getting colder and more miserable by the minute but around 12:30 Ron bullied us into setting the course up. Some of us (me in particular) were less than enthusiastic about flying in the rain but by the time we got going it dried up. 

Ron flew first and showed the air was pretty good, if a wee bit bumpy close in and slightly cocked off from the left. (Due North?) I was second in the flying order and benefitting from watching Ron's bumpy ride close in I stayed a wee bit further out and my first two rounds seemed pretty good at the time, I think 45x and 42x which I was pleased with. The wind was 30 MPH+ and the lift great and at other times- stonking although the odd patch of poor air blew through too. It was obvious from the start that the leg on the right of the centre (B) was short by at least 5m which caught the regulars out a bit. This means the times are only relevant to the others today but there were some quick ones. At least 3 sub 40s. 

Ron was flying his Strega to good effect and didn't cut once today! Martin Gibbs showed how well his Pike WR can go by getting a sub 40 in one round with some neat turns at the A pylon where I was buzzing. Robert Carson also flew a sub-40 with his Sting and was FTD for a while. In another round he also cut at the A pylon and his cut recovery went horribly wrong and his Sting ended up well back behind the slope and only just made it back into lift! Thank goodness for discards!

Ewan had his Sting going well and his times seemed to be improving as the day went on. Colin Murray came along today and he also seemed to be improving his times as the day went on. Team Skorpion members Ian Stewart and Mike McKracken were both going well and Ian flew a scorching sub 40 with his green and white Skorp. Race M featured well today with Dave Watson and David Loomes both giving their's an airing. Dave Watson had also brought along his repaired Vikos but I didn't see it fly because I had to leave early.  

We managed to fit in 8 rounds but with the late start, and a few stops for rain, there wasn't enough time for any more rounds. There was a break in rounds 7 and 8 for rain. Guess who got wet and grumpy flying rounds 7 and 8 in the rain immediately before stoppage? Me!

I flew my Race M in rounds 1 to 4 and switched to my Skorpion for 5 to 8 and I'm inclined to think I should have stuck with the Race M because my times got slower although I have to admit I normally slow down as the day passes! I think my last time of the day was better but I missed what is was.

With the time getting on I had to pack up sharp and leave the taking down of the course to the rest of the lads. Sorry guys.

PilotTotal scoreNormalised score
1Ron Russell  6713.081000.00
2 Ian Stewart    6644.21989.74
3 Martin Gibbs     6483.89   965.85
4George Young   6474.67964.48
5Dave Watson    6456.09    961.71
6David Loomes    6383.63950.92
7Robert Carson    6259.11  932.37
8Ewan Maxwell    5938.17  884.56
9Mike McCracken5805.01     864.73
10Colin Murray      4815.94 717.39

The above table was derived from the spreadsheet Ron sent out. If anyone wants a copy please let me know.

We used David Loomes' excellent new timer system today and it was working very well although there seemed to be an issue with the buzzer button on base A but I'm sure a wee tweak will sort this out.